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  • Are you going to Friday's Heat game? Thinking about it. I know you've got the hookup, but can get you 'backstage' no prob. Also, doing the Braves/Fish on Sunday (Eovaldi vs Harang). You in?
    Yeah, late June would be about right. That would be right around game 7 too lol. Hopefully it's over by then one way or another. Heading to one of those games for sure, will be in touch.
    Long ass night but one in the W column. The Heat are rested and ready to go.

    Perhaps Thor will be ready to debut in 6 weeks when the Mets head back down. June 20 sounds about right... How cool would that be ?
    Thanks again for the invite and generous offer....stuck at work, sounds like you have a good day planned with the boys. Will try to hook up next time. Heat game was fun but we didn't get out of the arena until 2:30 am, long ass night!
    Cool options to have. The Heat series is gonna be good.

    If not this series, we'll hook up the next one.
    Damn, sounds like fun! Will PM you tomorrow and let you know...gotta see how work shakes out and how the Heat series shakes out. (My girlfriend works for the Heat, might be kinda crazy for both of us this week...)
    Are you going down to the Mets' series?

    I'm going Wed with my wife & 2 boys. Zack's on the hill and it's a getaway 12:40 start.

    I'll be right behind the plate. If you plan on coming down, I'm get you and a bud into the Diamond Club, we'll visit the clubhouses and let my oldest hit in the cages.

    You in ?
    No! Wish I was after watching the big team play tonight lol. I haven't been in about 2 weeks, I've been working in West Palm instead of PSL. Hope it was dollar beer night :)
    Hey John, are you at Tradition Field tonight? Impatiently waiting for the sun to set here behind 1st base.

    Cheers, Jim
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