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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    agreed actually. Not healthy plus it looks like they are sleeping a little. Let’s see if going back to LA wakes em up.
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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    Amazing they’re doing this without acuna. And freeman has done nothing this series. Guys like Riley and albies are just that good. I still don’t think the braves are better than the astros or Red Sox…. But it doesn’t matter. They seem like they have something going right now.
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    Loup/McNeil "Mets lacked clubhouse leader"

    Right now I'd consider Lindor one of our leaders yes. However for him to be that sole voice in the clubhouse it's going to take a little more time. I do wonder how him going back at the fans was looked at by his teammates. To guys like Conforto I'm sure it was welcomed. Maybe guys like McNeil...
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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    i think they handle Boston as well. but just nice to see the Yankees get eliminated.
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    POBO Thread | Hey Arnold!

    oh I’m sure some in the media are just waiting with the Theo Epstein columns. They could have had the stories out months ago but they’ll just hold them out till he signs with the Mets. Sad part is they don’t give a crap about The subject matter. For them it’s just about breaking the story at the...
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    2021 Around MLB thread.

    I think the rays and white sox are def better than the yanks..... but anything can happen as we know when you get in.
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    A Proposed Mets Strategy for 2022

    Still don't get why we necessarily need to keep cano. Yes he counts against the salary cap for another two years. However to keep him around just for that reason is the old mets way of thinking. If they think he can still be a viable player for us I'm good with that, otherwise he shouldn't be...
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    The Money

    Absolutely dumbest thing ever. Signed Lindor. Offered stro the qualifier. Signed may….. signed walker. You could argue the Wilpons wouldn’t have done any of those. Also remember we tried to give conforto an extension. Which he declined. Wilpons…….woulda signed McCann and called it a successful...
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    Lindor & Baez September

    100%… Gary’s call woulda been epic. But I actually think the ESPN guy did a decent job with it.
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    How Much Would You Offer Baez?

    Positive is Cohen loves Baez. Seems if sandy is out there looking for his earring he does as well. I’d say if we’re even comparable to his highest offer he’s staying. Just my opinion
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    Think Lindor is "officially" a Met now

    Always said it was mental with him. Earlier in the year he was so messed up he couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield. clearly trying to do way to much. Trying to justify his contract every ab instead of letting the game come to him. Now you see a much more level and confident swing. Using...
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    How Much Would You Offer Baez?

    agreed. He’s built for NY. He clearly doesn’t care about the pressure. He’s a championship player. He’s great defensively and can drive in runs. I get it he has a lot of ugly looking strikeouts. But he’s a player want on this team.
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    I always think Diaz needs to trust his stuff more. Sometimes he’ll get into trouble… or let the other team tie the game. Then he just tears back and throws it. He has great stuff…. The lead off walks to lesser hitters are killer for him. side note - whoever came up with the sugar suite sny Diaz...
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    How Much Would You Offer Baez?

    So we’ve complained all year about this team not being mentally tough. You have a guy in Baez that fits into NY perfectly. I know the thumbs down thing happened but he was clearly sticking up for Lindor. Baez doesn’t care about the pressure. I agree he can’t be the centerpiece of an...
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    Francisco Lindor 2.0 thread

    No way Rojas is making that decision on his own with his job basically on the line. On a side note - It is interesting though that the Mets are being so careful with Baez as well. Makes me think they are gonna at least try to bring him back.