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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    Kershaw was hurt and shut down
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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

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    SANTA MARIA!!!! Vasgersian leaving Sunday Night Baseball

    Have Keith and Hadji do commentary while live streaming from home
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    Conforto to Reject Qualifying Offer

    Think it was time to move on anyway, glad they’ll get compensation
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    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    Rooting for Rays and Brewers, easily
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    Optimism About Next Year

    Optimism = Steve Cohen going scorched earth
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    Rumor: MLB announcement about return to Montreal coming soon.

    I was gonna say bring back the Expos and replace the Nats with them, send the Nats to AL East But then again I don’t want that Rays FO in our division
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    Resign Stroman

    Stroman is the kind of guy you sign long term He’s athletic, doesn’t throw 100 and his stuff can play as he gets older, he’s less of an injury risk than Syndergaard is He’s just a very solid option for the rotation. Good attitude too for NY. Pay him and plug him in as your #3 SP3 for the next...
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    W T F

    I thought it was the right call If you’re gonna be mad at anyone there it’s Nimmo for killing the inning on one pitch
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    Lineup 8/1

    Today is 3 in a row
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    Michael Conforto: DFA candidate?

    I distinctly remember a thread a while back where people were saying Conforto > Acuna
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    Didn’t want Baez People really think his 36.3% k rate is gonna fly here?
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    Gary Thorne's back!

    “And the _______ are down to their final strike.” Every single game.
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    Gary Thorne's back!

    Cohen is good when he’s off script with K&R or citing stats He’s way too script-reliant with play-by-play language, feels like I’m watching the same game over and over