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  • Hi Vinnie,
    Thanks for checking in. Got power back late Saturday night. Family moved back in yesterday.
    No problems getting gas now. Just getting rid of the last tree debris.
    There are still some pockets in Commack still out unfortunately. Primarily east of Larkfield & west of Burr School. Maybe that is East Northport...
    My Jets are a friggin disaster. My dad says that same about his Giants. I missed the games yesterday. Maybe not really missed after I learned the results.
    Thanks God the kids go back to school tomorrow. Need some peace!
    Please tell me you have power on. Everyone I know( in Commack) has power restored. Hopefully I can add you to the list as well. The gas lines seem to be a thing of the past. Thank God!!!! Next thing we have to worry about is if our kids have to make up school time for being out so many days. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Ok, football Sunday.... Time for some football and cigars. Enjoy!!!!
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