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  1. mc2Rumba

    6/13 Lineup

    3B L. Guillorme L SS F. Lindor S 1B Pete Alonso R LF D. Smith L RF Kevin Pillar R C Tomas Nido R CF M. Williams L 2B Jose Peraza R P J. Lucchesi L
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    Lineup 4/24

  3. mc2Rumba

    Lineup 3/20

  4. mc2Rumba

    ‘99 NLCS Game 6 on MLBN

    Starts in a few min aka the Kenny Rogers walk game Forgot that Leiter was charged with 5 runs in 0 IP. Pat Mahomes with 4 steller innings in relief. Initially was hoping this was the grand slam single game
  5. mc2Rumba

    2007 Mets vs Cubs (Glavine’s 300th win) on MLBN now

    Reyes and Wright in their primes. Crazy watching Wright at the plate and healthy =/
  6. mc2Rumba

    World Series IGT: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals

    Assuming it’ll be Cole vs Scherzer in Game 1 Think we’re in for a good series
  7. mc2Rumba

    Mazza up, Font DFA

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    TDA walk-off

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    The 2019 Mets...expressed in GIFs

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    Padres/Rockies series

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    Marlins are beating the Brewers 15-0

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    Twins DFA Addison Reed

  13. mc2Rumba

    White Sox DFA Ervin Santana

  14. mc2Rumba

    Marcos Molina released

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    Lineups 6/19

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    Father’s Day Lineups 6/17

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    Lineups 6/15