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  1. Dr. K

    15 Years Ago Today…

    …The Mets turned one of the most unlikely double plays you’ll ever see.
  2. Dr. K

    2021 MLB Postseason Thread

    Giants kinda get screwed with the extra rest. It’s not like they need it. At least 2 of the Yankees/Red Sox and Dodgers/Cardinals will be bounced soon.
  3. Dr. K

    For You Keith Lovers Out There… $100 gets you a signed copy!
  4. Dr. K

    GKR Back in 2022!

    All three confirmed on last night’s telecast. They will tie Nelson, Murphy and Kiner with 17 years together. Gelbs will beat KB’s record. It’s such a joy to have these men in the booth. When does the ride end?
  5. Dr. K

    2021 Awards Season Thread

    Interesting popup from came on my iPhone. If Vlad Jr. wins the Triple Crown, does he take MVP honors over Ohtani? All races seem to be wide open this year. Who you got?
  6. Dr. K

    30 for 30: Once Upon a Time In Queens - IGT

    Loving it so far.
  7. Dr. K

    Japanese Balls Are Better Than U.S. Balls…
  8. Dr. K

    Lineup 8/8 vs. Wheelz

  9. Dr. K

    Lineup 8/7 - Waving the White Flag

  10. Dr. K

    Lineup 8/2 vs. Fish

  11. Dr. K

    Lineup vs. ATL 7/28

  12. Dr. K

    Concern Level For Walker?

    Two straight bad starts out of the break, and he gave up a bomb in the ASG as well. What’s everyone’s concern level for Walker? I’m at a 4 personally.
  13. Dr. K

    Last Men Standing?

    Saw a great stat the other day that Loup is one of only six Mets who have been on the active roster since opening day. Name the other 5. I’ll give you a hint, McCann is one of them.
  14. Dr. K

    Rich Hill

    Like this move. He can fill in short term until Cookie and DeGrom come back and I can see him as a swing man in the playoffs who could give us 2-3 innings out of the pen. Can’t be the only move though and I guess this means they feel good about deGrom coming back sooner rather than later.
  15. Dr. K

    Lineup 7/8 vs. Pitt

  16. Dr. K

    Lineup 7/1- DEGROM DAY

  17. Dr. K

    Lineup @ ATL 6/29

  18. Dr. K

    Lineup @ Washington 6/28

  19. Dr. K

    Lineup 6/23 vs. Braves

  20. Dr. K

    Trades For SP - IGT

    I think we’ve all come to the realization that pitching is the priority for this team at the deadline, with SP being far more urgent than RP. Who do we end up with?