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  1. MJB

    Seinfeld Mets shirt giveaway 9/29

    Wanna buy this for my dad. They are going for 40 bucks on eBay. Would rather pay that to someone on the board than eBay. Anyone willing to sell and ship it to me who is gonna get one? Will pay the 40 to a refugee.
  2. MJB

    Strasburg has carpal tunnel, may need surgery

    Great waste of a second round fantasy pick for me this year!
  3. MJB

    That Carlos Gomez throw

  4. MJB

    We’ll always have opening day

  5. MJB

    Worst Current Contracts by Team

  6. MJB

    Whatever happens, this is fun

  7. MJB

    Piazza-Pedro Beef

  8. MJB

    David Price

  9. MJB

    Michael Kopech Torn UCL

  10. MJB

    Crazy Joey Votto stat

  11. MJB

    Best pitching performance by a Met....

  12. MJB

    The Painful Story of Troy Tulowitzki

  13. MJB

    The Transformation of Syndergaard (SI Article)

  14. MJB

    2018 SI World Series Predictions

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  16. MJB

    Jose/Noah face timing