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  1. PapaToe

    Lockout IGT is stanning for the commish: On the first day of Major League Baseball’s lockout, Commissioner Rob Manfred reiterated his belief that there is a deal to be made with the MLB Players Association. Am curious to know where MR stands, owners or players...
  2. PapaToe

    Keith: hitters have regressed so much

    There is a lot of bad hitters at the major league level right now. Can't say as I disagree.
  3. PapaToe

    Guillorme at 2B

    ...should be the default moving forward. Dude might have the best hands I've ever seen at that position and does more than OK at the plate. McNeil is versatile and can play in the outfield and at 3B, similar to Bryant. Leave Guillorme at 2B and plug Jeff into 3B when he gets back.
  4. PapaToe

    America's game has turned into Wiffle Ball. How will MLB react?

    Would like them to start with bringing back the regular, pre-live 2019 ball. Not the weird shit they have now that was developed by NASA>
  5. PapaToe

    Mayday Lineup

    same lineup as game 1, different results?
  6. PapaToe

    Best moment of the season so far...

    It's early, but we're bored... a poll to the rescue. I'm open to additional options.
  7. PapaToe

    Lineup 3/26

    OD Preview (sans d'GOAT)
  8. PapaToe

    Lineup 3/23

  9. PapaToe

    Mets Lineup 3/13

  10. PapaToe

    DH sweepstakes

    Has to be one of the worst examples of the MLB shooting themselves in the foot. How do they not make a decision in November, or even December and let teams plan accordingly? According to Keith from the latest GKR beyond the booth.. he says "I really feel there will be a DH this year", so book...
  11. PapaToe

    RF for the Mets - You can have just one

    I am curious to know where you inmates are at between these two. Investing long term in both of these guys makes little sense, with Crow-Armstrong in the wings and a relatively inexpensive Nimmo holding down LF. Does Springer's RH bat, better defense and ability to play a solid CF in 2021 put...
  12. PapaToe

    Hold on to Luis Rojas Thread

    Really appreciated Harp's comments on Rojas. Dude has put a lot of effort into this franchise, has strong relationships with our young core, and was a stabilizing force last year with all the BS happening.
  13. PapaToe

    8/30 Game 1 Lineup

  14. PapaToe

    Mets postgame conference

    All about the incident in Kenosha, WI. Conforto got grilled. Feeling for Dom right now.
  15. PapaToe

    Zack Wheeler

    Destroying the Braves right now. 6 IP, 0 R, 6 K