2021 Around MLB thread.


Veteran Refugee
Heard on MLB radio that the Yankees are choosing to play in Boston instead of Toronto if there’s a 4 way tie.


Marte has been in and out of the Oakland line up lately with little injuries. His season is done , with Sky Bolt ⚡ filling in.
Not sure about him for Mets next season. He was in the IL at least once, and missed several games with some injuries. As awesome of a season he had, he will be 33


Veteran Refugee
Ohtani leadoff homer, Angels up 1-0 on Mariners

Springer leadoff homer, Jays up 1-0 on O's

SI Metman

Jace Peterson probably just broke Max Muncy's wrist running out a dribbler at first. Cliff Floyd in the MLB Network studio and he said it looked similar to what happened to him.