2021 Around MLB thread.


Thug’s Manchin
does it? i don't know anything about ratings, i just can't fathom how anyone on Earth still gives a fuck about this rivalry. i'm sure there are a ton of Yankees and Sox fans who are thinking, "jesus, this again?"
you ever watch devil ray games when they’re in town. basically, everybody who retires to warm weather locales, it’s at least 50% for northeast teams. florida and arizona especially. i’m sure the numbers will support the obvious.


Thug’s Manchin
everybody says boring(yanks/sox) but they watch regardless. more than they would any other two teams.

You > Valent

Future POBO
i've said since day 1, locker room celebrations should not be allowed until you actually win the play-in game. "we get to play 1 more time!!!!!"


Singing Country Music for God and America
I'm now 37-years-old, been posting since the ESPN boards when I was 16 in the year 2000...just absolutely mind-bending to think how insanely rare October baseball is for the Mets, but for dumbass teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, it is every fucking year.

I didn't even have the energy to care about all the games today...I've been watching Columbo...smdh

Knight Ray

After watching the Mets suck ass all year it will be some good baseball. Other than the endless commercials and bullshitting by the announcers