2021 Mets Post Mortem article

All that matters from that long ass thing was multiple players saying that the team lacked a badass leader who kept them all in line and said enough of the fun and trying and just fucking win now. Enough rah rah guys. Need one Keith Hernandez.


Veteran Refugee
1. Without deGrom, they gave up
1b. I still think if Jake's not convinced this team is serious with a plan to completely turn things around, he's gonna look for an out
2. The franchise is a shambles still
3. Sandy has to get out of the public spotlight and stop talking
4. Get an enforcer in here that will piss people off and get them to stop feeling sorry for themselves when they have setbacks
5. Full scale house cleaning needs to take place to get rid of the loser mentality the Wilpons emblazened within every level of the franchise
5b. Once bad things start happening, its a self fulfilling prophecy -> the quotes about winning teams like the Yankees, Boston, etc show they're thinking 'man i wish our organization was normal like theirs, instead of being around in this circus'

At the beginning of this year, never in my wildest imagination did i envision this is where we'd be after the season. The problems are so big, and so systemic, I don't even know where to start.