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Brother-in-law lives in Milwaukee, always root for them when they're in and we're out, which has been happening a lot lately!

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it sucks that the Brewers are so damn "meh." i don't like anyone on the damn Brewers. i like LoCain but fuck him for 2015. Christian Yelich is the dud of duds. this is who we get to cheer for in these shitty playoffs.


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it's crazy that the Brewers added that nothing of a player JBJ and they're the team that makes the playoffs and we finish with 77 wins after passing on him

as for guys to like on the Brewers, Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff are pretty good...I also like Devin Williams even though he's apparently a dolt

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nothing likable about cornbread peckerwood pitchers like Woodruff and Burnes. there are like 3 cool white pitchers in baseball. kill whitey.


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Jackie Bradley Jr was the 3rd highest paid player on the Brewers this season, and he gave them a negative WAR after they just signed him

and if you think our hitters were bad this year, check out JBJs line

428 PA
132 Ks
.163 BA
.497 OPS
0.098 ISO
34 OPS+

Just to give you something to compare that to, Patrick Mazeika had a higher OPS+


Parents should have arranged for deodorant instead
and JBJ was out here in the offseason acting like he should be getting a $100+ mil contract...thank God he had such high demands and we passed because we might've signed him if he was willing to sign for what the Brewers ended up giving him


Freddy Peralta had a good year too. Is numbers are impressive overall but I think his first half was a little better. He was another all-star they had


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I don't really care too much about any team in these playoffs, but the only thing I absolutely don't want to see is the Cardinals winning the WC game against the Dodgers
I would rather that not happen, but it wouldn't really kill me, either

Of the Dodgers, Cardinals, Braves, Giants, Brewers... As long as the Brewers stomp the Braves, I'm good with any other team winning the NL pennant, even the Cardinals

There just aren't enough Cards fans around here to annoy me, though I'd put the Cardinals at the bottom of a preference list.

AL-wise, if it's down to Rays, White Sox, Red Sox, and Astros... I guess go Red Sox or Rays

And then I would root for AL > NL if it were any configuration of Rays/Red Sox vs. Dodgers/Giants/Cardinals

Rays are actually very fun to watch (Arozarena and Wander in particular), but the Red Sox winning another championship would annoy Yankees fans more, it'd make it 5 out of 21 titles in the 21st Century to the Yankees' 1, LOL

Of course I can't say too much to Yankees fans because 1 > 0, and even the Marlins and Royals have one in that time

(And MF'ing Royals went to two World Series back-to-back, something the Mets have never done)

If the Brewers win the NL Pennant, that's a tougher call. I don't really care one way or another about anybody on the Brewers, I guess in principle it'd be nice for a never-won-one team to win, but what if it's Rays vs. Brewers? I think I'd go Rays.