Loup/McNeil "Mets lacked clubhouse leader"


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Stopped reading after about 8 or 9 comments. Take home message is this. If Conforto speaks truth (that Lindor was a team leader), then McNeil and Lindor like oil/water, will never mix, and McNeil is gone. Period. Full stop. And maybe have to wonder about Loup as well. We'll find out when the trees have no leaves.


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McNeil played nice after but there's no way a dude puts his hands on your neck & you're just good after it.

I still think all of this is just overanalysis though, everyone always wants a reason a team underperforms. Conforto, Lindor, McNeil already struggled with the pressure, I can't imagine a guy being all firey would've made them hit any better.


David,a multi- millionaire,is probably siting at home,enjoying the shit out if life and his family….and if he’s reading these comments,laughing his ass off…he doesn’t need this shit storm in the least…
I'm sure we'll be very nice to Loup and very not nice to McNeil in this thread given 2021 performance

But, I mean, what was the difference between 2020 and 2021? The difference was that McNeil, Dom, and Conforto performed way below what they've done before -- does a "clubhouse leader" change that?
Not if you're a true professional.

He probably didn't like being slapped around like a little bitch by Lindor. Tough shit, Jeffie. Hope you get shipped soon. Tired of his shit too.

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Jeff McNeil can shut the fuck up.
This. Jeff’s a fucking bitch to wait until the season’s over and come out with this. Address it in house during the season.

Words from a dead man. I doubt he’ll be back. And honestly, I’m ok with it if he’s gone. (For a good return, of course)


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Meh that seems like a whole lot of nothing. Would they really have played better if someone yelled at them or told them it was important to win games? Seems doubtful. Though I don't really see anything wrong with players answering questions and trying to identify different things that went wrong/were missing (beyond stating the obvious of the shitty offense) - no need need to continue the kumbaya - everything is perfect bullshit with the way the season ended.

I wish David Wright would be a bench coach.

This would be fixed immediately.
This is a very good post though 😉😁


We just have to accept this as a reality and let go...nothing we can do...
Jeff Kent did not necessarily enjoy playing professional baseball, he looked at it as a job that had many aspects he loathed.
It paid him well , so he did. I got a kick outta him, I found some humor in it

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Big Daddy Bob is coming back to be the Latin leader. we just need to find a crackerass leader. probably the old crusty ass manager we're gonna hire. there ya go. "leadership" is in place. tell Pete to just remain a cornball who hits bombs, and not try to speak for the team. no one will ever get fired up by his pep talks. Let Lindor concentrate on what he was brought here to do, hit and play great D. money doesn't have to mean you take a leadership role in the clubhouse.


Meh that seems like a whole lot of nothing. Would they really have played better if someone yelled at them or told them it was important to win games? Seems doubtful.

Maybe teammates should get on a guy who's consistently dogging it, but I don't get the perceived need for a "leader" to "get on guys' cases" if they're underperforming.

For anyone who thinks a leader is important, McNeil / Conforto / Dom / Lindor have hit fine in the past. Who was the leader then? Alonso, while 2021 was not up to his 2019 season, pulled his weight this year. Nimmo had a fine season overall. Baez had a rough last week or so, but overall was great for the Mets. Who was leading them? Do the pitchers need a leader too? Should it be another pitcher?

And if there is merit to having a "team leader", it has to be a player, imo. Not the manager.


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yeah, we needed someone to stop McNeil from breaking bats, water coolers and whatever else was within striking range when he sucked.....the hell is he talking about


McNeil is going to be a classic ex-Met. All the signs are there.
Yep. He probably has to go - we’ve seen it all before - but I’ll definitely forget that when he’s back to being a do-it-all .300 hitter who hits .400 against us.


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People are overrating the down year aspect with McNeil. He has enough history to be ok. Dom however….
Dom has zero trade value though, so there’s no reason to get rid of him. He’s just a bench player until further notice.


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this is what all my fellow pessies said all season. the mets are full of goofballs. teams need a bobby parnell to throw out your lunch
this is quite the theory from an article that said "the mets are missing the kind of leadership once provided by edgy bad boy David Wright"