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lol putting aside the Bob jinx

he was literally in charge when the Porter shit happened, and he has hired both Porter and Scott previously

shit isn't (or shouldn't) happen

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after everything that has happened, I’m left to assume that something would come out about Theo within 24 hours of him agreeing to come here

so it’s a no for me


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On one I hand I want Epstein and might even be on board with a teardown if that’s what he has in mind going forward

On the other hand if they hire him shit will almost certainly come out and the optics would be terrible. Hopefully he’s far enough away from all that so we can get him, otherwise big no


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The sad fact is that any senior exec you try to get is likely to be close enough to something shitty from working in the game long enough. You just have to do much better than we have at vetting. Or just hope to hell you win and that winning wipes all the shadiness away (see Dodgers, amongst others)


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Epstein is tainted by all this shit no way I see him coming here his 2 boys are tainted and @PC the beat writers gonna be like shark looking for chum

Epstein is out of running


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Porter is the real black stain on Epstein, the Cubs clearly handled that situation horribly. I think Scott was like an intern when Theo was with the Sox