Rojas fired (declining his option)


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I just hope our POBO and Manager searches don't resemble the search for Jeopardy host.
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Spot on, he's a Bench Coach that gets on with the players rather than a manager that inspires, motivates and makes those hard ball breaking decisions.
No offense, if millionaire adults getting mega-bucks to play a kids' game can't get motivated, how does a guy making a fraction of what most of these players make, inspire and motivate them?

It's not like he has the power to simply bench a non-performer. I ask this out of curiosity with no snarkiness intended - how does a manager do that?

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I hope he stays in the organization in some minor league role. By all accounts, when he first came on board, he was getting a lot of praise for the work he did down there. Manager wasn't the job for him though.


Ausmus may or may not be a candidate for the job, considering he was a candidate last time

but like ezee said, this guy is an incarceratedbob wannabe who is just throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks


It’s good to be the fantasy drama queen

With success both larussa and dusty had as old school managers I can see Showalter here to put clubhouse in order.

Washington was mets minor lg coach and back in in the day after he retire and is said to be a outstanding infield coach.

He was very good with that talented rangers teams that went back to back WS appearances so he can manager when given talented players


It’s good to be the fantasy drama queen
I think its gonna be beltran he was steveco first choice and with lindor having this bad season and beginning this new 10 yr I put even money its beltran job to lose

Would not be surprised if beltran bring Delgado as his bench coach or hitting coach if he hired as manager