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  • yea he truly was a class act, did the right things on the field and he was just a very very solid ballplayer

    call me crazy but ill take ventura in his prime over wright anyday

    that aside if manny doesnt sign im banned to benny's and the OT and the fantasy forum...i think
    Ok, you're secret is safe with me. :)

    Yeah they don't make them like Robin anymore. It's a shame too, I know everyone thinks my obsession with him is because they think I think he's cute (he is a good looking guy, I admit) but really, I liked him because he seemed like a good guy who was good at the game of baseball. He was humble, hardworking, and very admirable, much different than most of the players today. Unfortunately, Cooperstown doesn't admit nice guys.

    So I have to ask, are you really going to get banned if they don't sign Manny? Or is that just posturing from the admins?
    shhhh i want people to stay fooled...the mustache makes me look puerto rican but yea robin is a great guy i met him in 1999 during picture day

    shook my hand and everything

    then he was telling me this story about some crazy girl who tried to cripple him like kathy bates in misery

    lol, ok. I thought you were Puerto Rican. ;)

    You're lucky to get a picture with him. The only times I've met him was on the field, and I didn't have a camera...and then I broke his leg.
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