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  • imma probably stop, this is too much shit, and since it's high quality, the files are larger

    imma just wait till someone puts out the best out of these, too
    i cosign you, i was never really a big fan of tupac, but , you know logically speaking, there's 10 links, and about 60-70 songs in each'd have to assume that out of all this we can get about 15 good songs

    tupac was a studio rat...which is why he has soo much unreleased shit, i wish pun and biggie were like that ..
    yeahhhhh, but i'd rather watch the Jets on TV than go watch the Mets play the Nationals.

    thanks anyway
    yo youre from suffolk right? got 4 tix for todays game don't feel like going. game starts in like an hour though lol
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