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  • Yeah man... that game changed my life. Don't know why he doesn't just release it as a anime movie or something
    Yeah man... once every couple months I do a google search and see what I can find. Doesn't look to good. I will buy a system just for it if I have too.
    I just bought a Dragon Ball from that dude in Japan on Amazon lol
    idk if you already turned your shit in, but I think it's wrong

    A) V=16(pi)h
    dV/dt=16(pi) dh/dt

    B) dV/dt = 16(pi)h - 192
    dV/dt = 48(pi) - 192
    dV/dt = -41.2

    C) V = 400(pi)y
    dV/dt = 400(pi)dy/dt

    The volume of the cylinder is changing at the same rate of the volume of the cone, just opposite

    41.2 = 400(pi)dy/dt
    dy/dt = .0328 ft/min

    I could have fucked up I haven't done this in a while
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