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I meant Alvarez. Some people were saying stuff like that I guess to prolong his career (?) but it’s dumb because moving a guy that hits like that kills your advantage.
it's dumb to have him as a catcher and only play 120-125 games per season.

taking away his bat because it's a day game after a night game is no bueno, he should start like 80-100 times per year and the rest dh.


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we struggled to develop power-hitting prospects for a decade and the system the past few years has developed Pete, Vientos, and Alvarez

Things really are different now
A decade? Aside from Straw and Wright, have the Mets ever developed a legit power hitter in their history? Hundley?

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I haven't paid any attention to the rule changes but what's the deadline for extra year of control? I know it doesn't really matter but a benefit is a benefit.

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We’re probably already past super two cutoff

It’s never been this late in June, and doesn’t sound like calculation was changed by the new cba

Call him up!
Call his assistant and tell them to go to his hotel room and pack his bags right now. Do you have their phone number?


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Vientos and Alvarez, the 2 power bats we need to put this lineup to the next level!

i have noticed Vientos loves RF and Citi Field is not the place to be hitting opposite field tanks as a RHH.

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vs L
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