Mets hire Glenn Sherlock as Bench Coach


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I think adam jones is actually a good guess
How would Adam Jones be "exciting" and "headline grabbing", much less be a "tricky negotiation" for the role of a bench coach?

The latter part leads me to believe it's someone currently employed by another team or otherwise under contract...

...or someone who's quirky and will have weird asks of the Mets in some way. Probably a former ballplayer.

...Larry Jones?!

ETA: I love, no wait, I REALLY love that this board Autocorrects C-H-I-P-P-E-R Jones to "Larry" Jones


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Clayton McCollough...the headlines is that we stole a coach from the Dodgers


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DeRosa was actually my next guess. Has shown past interest in coaching and the tricky negotiation could be his contract with MLBN. Worked with Showalter at MLBN so there is some connection too.


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any player who made an all star team and retired less than 30 years ago could be considered exciting

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it'll be one of the following:

Paul O'Neill
Bobby Valentine
One of the other 2 dudes who interviewed for Buck's job
George Costanza
Edgardo Alfonzo
Domingo Bothmeats
Ricky Henderson
Jeff Van Gundy


Rusty Kuntz from KC maybe. He might be a first base coach . Would be interesting (especially bc Nimmo is on first base a lot) the Nimmo Kuntz jersey's next to each other so often


Older East Asian dude seeing both sides
Doug Glanville would be pretty interesting, the guy's really intelligent, no evidence he ever sought any kind of coaching role in MLB though


Tommy LaSorda - yeah, he's dead but negotiations would be tricky and it would certainly grab headlines.

Other than that, Fonzie.